Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Kurumbu Princess

I love her so much. I call her princess. She is the heroine in the generation next of my
family. Ani baby, kuts, valu kutty are her other names we use to call her. I call her princess cuz she is a delicate darling baby. "Semma valu".

When kuts was born, she was so fair and cute. I always admired the model babies who starred in the advertisement commercials. I was so happy when princess looked like a model baby. She has cute twinkling eyes (thuru thuru kangal).When I look into her eyes, I feel beautiful brown, Golden and indigo colored butterflies flying in the garden. On other occasions, it feels like twinkling stars in the dark sky when seen with the naked eyes.Her smile is so beautiful with loads of kurumbu in it. She is very tiny yet extremely active.

I played with kuts almost everyday when she was in India for a while after she was born. My sister held her in her arms and sang lullabies, but kuts watched TV.
The moment sis stopped singing, Princess started crying.When Princess was 3 months old my sis and princess went to the place where they live now. After almost a year, I finally saw kuts again six months back. I enjoyed playing with her. This time when Princess was back in India again, I realized she had become more naughtier, if that was even possible.

Princess doesn't like to eat much. It’s very tough to make her eat paruppu sadam or thachi mammam. Give noodles, chocolate or lays chips, she is so fond of all that.

But some how sis manages to make her eat rasam sadam. That's mainly when we played smart cookies CD for her. Kuts usually sat in the chair so beautifully, enjoyed the smart cookies and made a big fuss to eat. On compeling her to eat, she started with her usual crying and to console her was no easy task. Sis learnt lot of rhymes. She herself looked like a doll. When
Kuts and sis started dancing for rhymes, OMG no wonder it was a puppet show :)

The usual rhymes that we learnt from sis to convince kuts for anything is:

Bakka bakka kakka,
Uller uller uller,
Ringler ringler ringler

(This is a rhyme in a European language, which explains the cake preparation).

And now kuts with her tiny fingers would open her eyes in different sizes. If she opens the eyes very small, it means the action has to be small. Then the medium sized and big sized one.
I relish every moment being with princess.

Princess has lot of games to play. There was a huge board for arranging the
alphabet. Awww god knows how she managed to remember. On saying an alphabet, she would pick up A for apple and place it there. She never placed them wrong. Her power to grasp new things is excellent. She had a box full of building blocks. She usually inverted the box and placed all the blocks on the bed and again took one by one to put them back into the box.
Princess as I said earlier was very active and she did not liked sleeping. When we scolded her, kuts would do a funny action. When sis said "kuts close off your eye", kuts immediately would shrink her eyes. Sis sang lullaby for her.Sis would then sing a lullaby for her. Naughty kuts slowly would open one of her eyes. Sis again would scold her harshly."mmmmmmmmm innum thoongalaya ?" She would shrink her eye in a moment and would then close her face with both her tiny hands.

Ani ababy usually said Ha Det(goodbye in a European lang). Meaning we need to take her for a jolly outing. When she desired to have icecream ,she would enact licking the spoon from the cup. Am sure she can win many dum charads competitions in years to come :)

I made her call me chithi. Sweet kid grasped so well and now calls me "chithi".

I asked her "kuts chithi nenuma nanava"…………(Means, do u want chithi or not ?).
She would crankily tell "nena", nena.(Means, I don’t want).Then I would take her Ha Detand asked "chithi nenuma nanava??? "
Princess started with her usual expressions. She would smile , hug me and nod her head in approval.

P.S: This post is dedicated to my princess as she is going to turn 2 year old in this month.


CM-Chap said...

Kids change ur life isnt it..hmm.. Glad that u got somethg else n life other than coding...;-).

Thanks for ur nice comments in my blog. keep visiting.

smilie said...

Getting upto kids pace is an art:)
Princess helped me to learn it.

Eroteme said...

It must have been wonderful to have her call you chitthi! I remember the first time my nephew called me mama (actually he got to call my name before he could get the "mama" part). I believe that was the first name he uttered (much to my sister's disappointment and joy). Kids are the only species of animals that are worth this earth... :-)

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